Our Story

What is Dairaa?
Dairaa is an upcoming and evolutionary player in the fashion industry of Pakistan. Our small but talented team of creative individuals has been working hard to bring you completely new and original products. We will never follow the market!
Dairaa bands
We recently launched our brand with our trademark product, Dairaa bands. Dairaa will continue to introduce new and eye catching designs in the form of series and volumes. Our Volume - I has a total of 13 designs that will be revealed over a span of few weeks. The Dairaa crew is working restlessly on Volume - II to help you express yourself and make statements anywhere you go. An interesting fact about our trademark product is that all of its contents are made from 100% recycled materials. While there are surely many small brands introducing this product, we can't help but be proud of the fact that we're all working towards one collective goal: sustainability. 
Our Clothing Line
Our motto is simple, Life is a nonstop circle. We're here to help you by thinking outside of the circle! We will be dropping clothing lines that have never been seen before in Pakistan. Stay tuned!