Apart from being completely sustainable, Dairaa Wristbands have another cool feature. What’s that feature you might ask? Well, our wristbands are super exclusive.

There are only 200 units of each design. This means once a design goes out of stock, it will not be restocked unless it is requested due to popularity or demand.

Till date, we’ve sold over 500+ wristbands with some of our designs running out really fast.

In the future, Dairaa will introduce a special loyalty program that will reward holders with gifts and limited edition drops with only a few units available.

We plan on introducing even more limited drops that will have a maximum of 50 to 100 units making them into very rare collectibles.

Join the #Dairaagang today or you’ll be missing out on your favourite designs!

And remember, always think outside of the Dairaa.